Beau and Daisy

Beau and Daisy have been an absolute blast to work with from day one! I really respect how determined and engaged they were to get organised for pre-approval. They have certainly learnt a lot as they’ve navigated their way through the home buying process. These clients worked really hard to research what they wanted to […]

Beau and Rachelle

I have been working with Beau and Rachelle for well over 3 years now. When we first met, as they were First Home Buyers, we initially spent about 3 months getting everything in place so they were ready to go. 8 months after our first meeting they bought their home. The wait and the game […]

Eddie and Rach

It was an absolute blast being on the property purchase ride with Eddy and Rach. Talk about an adrenaline rush! These hard working first home buyers went from a quick pre-approval with their chosen lender to successfully bidding at auction a few weeks later! After a quick 45 day settlement, moving in day went without […]