Hello & Welcome

Here at Rest Day Crew we have noticed that people don’t seem to show their personality through what they wear in the gym, or when being active, and we can’t figure out why.

Everyone wears the same active wear, baggy shirts, and old hoodies.

Exercise and being up and about should be motivating, fun and the way you feel plays a big part in that, and what you wear can change how you feel.

We want to mix things up a bit, bring some new ideas and designs to the gym, to rest day and everywhere in between.

Try something fun and get people showing off a bit more of themselves through what they wear and hopefully changing the mindset of everyone wearing our gear

Point of Difference

Unique Designs

We aim to create designs that you can’t find anywhere else.

Customer Focus

We want to create an enjoyable experience for all of our customers.


We are amongst our target audience, so know what they want.

Flat Rate Shipping

We aim to provide competitive shipping rates.